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Who we are? Ubi leones offers a wide range of services covering the broad spectrum of film production. We treat each project as a new, unique challenge.


Ubi leones offers a wide range of services, covering the broad spectrum of film production, we are currently focusing on documentary films and tv series. Moreover Ubi leones offers legal assistance to the whole film industry. We thrive on challenging projects and base work on building strong relationships with our clients. Our goal is to anticipate our clients’ needs and contribute to the improvement of standards in the field of film production.

Strategy First

In order to ensure the success of the films, including reaching the desired audience, prior to the launch of each project we work with our clients to clearly define their expectations. We understand the importance of the pre-production phase, careful expenditure planning and resource management. Our goal is to reach mutual satisfaction with the final outcome of each project.



The most amazing projects start with a mere idea. Our goal is to ensure that the production process becomes a unique journey and that the final outcome of our work meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our creative team prepares reference materials and develops an initial storyboard around our clients’ Big Idea. We then suggest relevant cinematic techniques and build an action plan. Our team coordinates the project in its entirety –  from pre-selecting locations and actors to ensuring a safe shooting environment.

The next step is to develop the script, create a compelling storyboard, build a pre-visualization and plan other pre-production ‘blocks’, depending on the specific requirements of each animation. When working on corporate or educational materials, we ensure a natural, authentic ‘feel’. We have experience across the spectrum of the film industry, both in Poland and abroad. (to bym wrzucila zupelnie gdzie indziej, na sam poczatek, do kim jestesmy).



As a team of talented filmmakers with experience across the broad spectrum of filmmaking, we ensure our clients’ filmmaking experience becomes truly unique. Our services portfolio includes events, underwater photography, films, which required advanced equipment, feature films, documentaries, nature films, interviews, animations and special effects photos. We deliver projects in all formats and styles.

Whether it be a regular interview or a complex sequence of shots captured by multiple cameras in different locations, we fulfill our clients’ expectations. We are happy to undertake special projects and serve as pioneers within the industry. We also deliver projects which involve animation and special effects development. The sound layer of each production is supervised by experienced sound engineers, who ensure top sound quality.



Each film is mounted by an experienced editor working under the supervision of the director, to then undergo color correction and the sound design process. We are equipped with professional software and hardware.


The visual and audial components of the film will be assembled into a coherent whole by an experienced editor, selected based on the project’s unique characteristics. We are not put off by tight deadlines. Our services portfolio also includes sound design and music composition. 



If you are still wondering whether or not your company could benefit from developing a video, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Each story can be told in a breathtaking way.



Śliwka in Doc Development Programme

Urszula Morga, director of the documentary film “Karol Śliwka – Poland seen through designer’s eye” – Ubi leones production – has qualified for the Doc Development Programme in Wladyslaw Slesicki Film Foundation. It is a new chapter for our project and a great opportunity for its development. Congratulations to Ula and Bartek, creative couple! For us it is a breath of fresh air and a shot in the arm. 

June 2019

"The fencing master from Viena" online

“The fencing master from Viena” is a film about Stanisław Kruciński – Polish team trainer in fencing – who led the Polish team for the gold at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972. Together with the hero we go back to the days of triumph, to feel the taste of victory and experience the bitterness of failure. In the end, to learn about the history of the indomitable man in fully devoted to the idea of sport. The film was produced with funds collected from donors through the site Polakpotrafi.pl. We invite you to watch the film, it is available online

May 2019

About us

Ubi leones is a creative company specialising in film production and legal assistance to the whole film industry. We manage all production stages – from concept and images preparation through production to post-production and delivery of a final ‘product’. Currently we are focusing on documentaries and tv series. 

Together with a team of filmmakers from our network, we decided to give our work a distinct form and undertake greater challenges. Moving away from our original focus, reportage, we engaged all kinds of film content: advertisements and music videos, animations, corporate films, educational, fiction and documentaries. After a few years, we have built a team of professionals at all stages of production and network of industry contacts in Poland and abroad. Aside from film production we also undertake legal assistance. We provide comprehensive assistance for film productions, from the development stage through production, up to rights management and distribution. We analyze the content of literary works in terms of the risks associated with the infringement of rights, properties or interests of third parties.




Medieval cartographers inscripted the blank spots in their maps with “Ubi leones” – Here be lions. For some, it was a warning of the potential danger awaiting them in the undiscovered areas, for others, a sign of an awaiting adventure. Ubi leones has become an invitation for the daring to explore the unknown. An invitation for those with the courage to pursue their dreams.

We are not afraid of ambitious projects. Our mission is to deliver projects at the highest level and ensure continuous development of our team members and the growth of the Ubi leones brand. 


     The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund


Meet the Ubi leones Team:

Jan Borowiec

Rafał Mierzejewski

Michał Stenzel

Jakub Kowalczyk

Marco Griffini

Grzegorz Kucharski
Sound man / sound post-production

Marcin Szymański

Marek Kurpios
Animation designer

Anna Chmielnik
Graphic and animation designer

Marcin Sady

Barbara Celejowska






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