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Ubi leones has a rich offer covering a wide spectrum of film production, we operate as a production house, currently focusing on films and documentary series, but our track record includes short feature films, educational films, event films, music videos and animations. Outside our core business we provide consulting and legal services for the film industry. 


We are open to all film projects! On the one hand we create films ourselves, on the other hand we search for new projects, talented and ambitious filmmakers. Each project is a challenge  and an opportunity to build good relations and reputation of the company.


In order to ensure the success of our joint ventures, the work on each project starts with a precise identification of objectives and a roadmap for future activities. We pay special attention to the preparatory phase, we care about rational management of the entrusted funds, maintaining the comfort of work and satisfaction from the final effect of our joint work.


It all starts with an idea, so we want it to strike directly at the heart, be consistent with the assumptions and needs of the project. The interdisciplinary knowledge we have gathered together with the experience of individual team members are harnessed to each new venture.


Our activities are based on talented artists and experts in their fields, who are selected for the project to ensure that the team is formed in the best possible way to meet the set challenges. We love and enjoy our work, which translates into the atmosphere in which we operate. We work according to the highest industry standards, putting emphasis on communication and transparency of our actions.


While working on each project we may face unforeseen circumstances and random accidents, in a word, everything that we don’t want, but what comes out of the blue. When we get involved in a project, we take responsibility for fulfilling our obligations in the best possible way. We want the end of our work to be the beginning of a long-term business relationship.



If you have any doubts, please contact us, we can meet for a coffee and talk.


2022 productions!

February 2022

In the first session of 2022 we submitted two applications for the Polish Film Institute grants for production: “Znaki”(“Signs”), a documentary film directed by Urszula Morga and Bartosz Mikołajczyk, co-produced with Silver Frame, and “Tajemnica Gwiaździstej Eskadry”(“The Secret of the Starry Squadron”), directed by Jan Borowiec, co-produced with MX35, keep your fingers crossed!

"The Secret of the Starry Squadron" expands the team!

December 2021

We are happy to announce that Ubi leones has established a new partnership with MX35, with whom we will share the adventure of the film “The Secret of the Starry Squadron”. MX35 – Mateusz Wajda and Paweł Ziemilski will support the project as executive producers and creative team. We will watch pre-war movies, fly in biplanes, travel the world from Bombay to Los Angeles to find the greatest movie of the Second Polish Republic, learn about the fate of Merian C. Cooper, and finally find out what the magic of cinema is all about…

About us

Ubi leones is a creative film production company, an independent production house. We specialize in documentary films and series, but are open to new projects. We love making films as much as helping others with their projects. First of all, we create projects, but we also look for new ones to develop them and enjoy their success. In addition to film production, we provide consulting and legal services to the film industry. 

Since the company was founded in 2015, Ubi leones has continuously grown by expanding the team with specialists in leading business areas. We have built fruitful partnerships and are constantly growing to meet the needs of our clients.





When the former cartographers arrived to places where the knowledge of the known world was ending, they wrote Ubi leones – here are lions. For some it was a warning against danger, for others it was a foretell of an upcoming adventure. Ubi leones became an invitation for those who were not afraid to take a risk and go into the unknown.

We are not afraid of ambitious projects, our mission is to provide products at the highest level. Our goal is to build a strong Ubi leones brand. 


     The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund


Ubi leones

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